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Exercise your right to do less

February 26, 2012 We, as a nation, love exercise — as long as it’s not inconvenient, sweaty or, you know, hard work. That’s why we’ve made a booming business out of workout equipment that is, um ... more »»

Guys can commit to old wallets

February 19, 2012 Men don’t have commitment issues. Not when it comes to wallets, anyway. more »»

Find true success by goofing up

February 12, 2012 The kid shuddered at the shambles of panels, hinges and knobs strewn about the garage floor. “I guess we failed.” “Nope.” I dug a celebratory Oreo out of my pocket. more »»

Groggy minds are sheer genius

February 5, 2012 Sunny people chirp cheerily in the morning, bee-bopping about the office while singing out hearty “good mornings” like they mean it. more »»

Grumpy guys forget manners

January 29, 2012 Of all the genders of the human species, only one is rated most likely to develop “mild cognitive impairment’’ as it ages. Oh, wipe those smug looks off your faces, ladie. more »»

Summer Olympics shear farm fun

January 22, 2012 Sheep-shearing in the Olympic Games? Watermelons exploding like land mines? Cows snoozing on waterbeds to slumber their way to better milk production? The farm sure has changed since I lived down on... more »»

Self-clean clothes wash away sense

January 15, 2012 “WHAT do you think you’re doing?” I hate that sentence, especially when spoken — usually a little more vigorously than necessary — by my wife. more »»

You can’t go home again — please!

January 8, 2012 The great philosopher Bill Cosby once observed, “Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home. more »»

Toasting New Year with cup of Coke

January 1, 2012 I don’t make New Year’s resolutions for the simple fact that I don’t believe in lying. But I do ponder. (For many ponderers, that’s a code word for ‘‘fret. more »»

Exercise, naps keep holidays in good shape

December 25, 2011 EDITOR’S NOTE: Cole was on vacation in Virginia Beach and refused to write a Christmas column without snow. Here is a Cole Classic first published Dec. more »»

Forget the gadget; give me the box

December 18, 2011 I popped the USB card out of the camera when the cellphone shrilled. I muted the radio with the remote while Terry scurried from the microwave to catch the call before the answering machine did. more »»

If I were a cultured man ...

December 11, 2011 OK, I admit it — I’m a cultural nincompoop. The other day, I watched “Fiddler on the Roof” for the first time. more »»

Time to catch up on wasting work time

December 4, 2011 Wasting time is an art form. Unfortunately, my generation lags behind both in hours frittered away and general creativity in dodging actual work. more »»

Wordplay is child’s play for punsters

November 27, 2011 A boiled egg is hard to beat. Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. more »»

Growing up not great, it just grates

November 20, 2011 Jimmy tugged the covers over his head and burrowed his face into his pillow against the sudden glare of the bedroom light. more »»

Uncle B’s turkey workout plan

November 13, 2011 Thanksgiving traditionally provides a bounty of family, friends, football and the occasional morsel of food. It also can be filled with all the angst of a plump turkey waking up next to a hatchet. more »»

Clean gene delays stuff getting done

November 6, 2011 I squinted down the penciled line, lined up the power saw and pressed the safety lock. Just as I was squeezing the trigger to unleash that board-chewing growl, a dust rug swished to my righ. more »»

This is your brain sizzling on Facebook

October 30, 2011 Scientists say there’s a direct link between how many Facebook friends a guy has and how much gray matter crams his cranium. more »»

Fun things to do on yet another rainy day

October 23, 2011 A family of ducks knocked on my door. The quacking sounded more like gurgles. They wanted to come inside to dry out for a while. I peered through yet another downpour. more »»

Getting bugged by cricket chivalry

October 16, 2011 New studies say male crickets will risk their lives to protect their mates from predators. Great. more »»



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