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Draamaw strikes without warning

October 18, 2015 Life has become a bit more, well, ordinary since we lost my mother-in-law this summer. She was the gift of quirkiness that kept on giving. more »»

Worries box fun out of old days

October 11, 2015 The disc jockey dusted off a recording from 1975 and announced, “Here’s a flashback from the carefree good old days.” He must not have lived in the same decade I did. more »»

Cows with a beef run rogue

October 4, 2015 We are at their udder mercy. Utter. I mean, utter mercy. I speak, of course, about the rash of rogue cows running roughshod in our neighborhoods. more »»

Best-laid plans don’t always mean success

October 3, 2015 The story of Packard Electric is one of small town Middle America ingenuity and hard work at its best. It’s a story that mirrors America’s rise to world leadership in business, power and influence. more »»

Anybody thanked Boehner?

September 28, 2015 Has anybody bothered to thank House Speaker John Boehner for Pope Francis' even coming to the United States? Let history note that it was Boehner, as a lowly second-term member of the House minority... more »»

U.S. and Catholicism in crisis

September 28, 2015 During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower’s America and the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII. more »»

Questions rain like dogs and cats

September 27, 2015 It’s been a random kind of week, the sort that leaves me with more questions than answers. more »»

It’s time to get educated and ready to vote

September 27, 2015 This is the time of year when, as the editor of a local daily newspaper in Ohio, the focus of my business day generally is all about politics. The No. more »»

Just a quick column before naptime

September 27, 2015 I think one of my favorite questions from friends, colleagues and my super awesome and wonderful family physician is that age old query: Are you getting enough sleep? You can see the sheer humor in... more »»

Twilight beef tour offers helpful ideas

September 25, 2015 Hello, Tribune Chronicle readers. more »»

Red face clears over white beard when green saved

September 20, 2015 It’s gotta be the beard. Surely, it can’t be the wrinkles. They’re more like the Modest Canyon, not etched Grand Canyon deep. It can’t be the pops and creaks when I walk. more »»

Married life hamstrings date night

September 13, 2015 I almost went on a date with my wife. Once again, life logjammed logistic. more »»

Top Farm Bureau benefits

September 10, 2015 County fairs are finally behind me and I hope this unusually hot weather is too. more »»

Study of ‘moral psychology’

September 1, 2015 An article recently appeared in our local Tribune announcing a $155,747 grant given for the creation of an institute on “Moral Psychology and Education. more »»

Seasons of September to remember

August 30, 2015 Several eons ago when I was in elementary school, the teacher assigned us to write an essay about our favorite month. I chose September. more »»

Get ready for football –– we sure are

August 23, 2015 Inserted inside today’s Tribune Chronicle you will find a sure-fire way to tell that the summer is winding down and the kids will start heading back to school this week. more »»

Some facts too creepy

August 23, 2015 There’s nothing like scientific discovery to twist a perfectly good day into a tumult of terro. more »»

Cartoons, cereal ruled Saturdays

August 16, 2015 Sugar-coated cereals, a parade of toy commercials, and a blitz of wacky and wonderful cartoons — I lived for Saturday mornings. Adults ruled the rest of the week. more »»

Some tip-top lessons from ‘Top Gun’

August 16, 2015 Anyone over a certain age will immediately identify the movie associated with this phrase “I feel the need. The need for spee. more »»

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Ohio farmers, agriculture

August 13, 2015 I am tired of farmers getting a picked on; one moment, we are the beloved, hard-working, salt of the Earth people and the next moment we are cruel, heartless, monsters out to ruin the world. more »»



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